Our Free Paleo Guides

Hey guys,

For just the next little while I'm giving away free copies of my Paleo Handbook. It's 50+ pages filled with awesome tips, guides, meal plans, and everything else to help you on your healthy journey.

Whats inside?

This guide is perfect if you're just getting started with Paleo:

  • The Complete Beginners Guide to Paleo
  • Paleo Food Lists and Meal Plan
  • 20+ Extra Pages of Time Saving Tricks for Busy People
  • How to: Plan and Create You Own Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Paleo Snack ideas and Travel Tips
  • Free for a Limited Time!

+8 Paleo Dinner Recipes!

Here's an awesome little bonus: We've come up with 8 Paleo Dinners recipes that will help you save time.

These were designed to cook for extra leftovers, reduce cleanup, or cook while you're at work or school (using a slow cooker).

What's inside?

  • Slow Cooker Recipes
  • One-Pot Recipes - Less Cookware = Less Cleanup
  • Cook and Freeze Recipes - Leftovers for Later

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